About Us

      Dogs have been a life-long passion of mine. My best friend as a child was a Doberman named Hercules. I guess you could say my career of dog training began way back then. I taught him to sit, and stay.

In the Marine Corps, I was stationed overseas with the K-9 unit. I had the opportunity to see the broad capabilities of those K-9s. How smart, observant, devoted, loyal, and well trained they was. My passion grew. 
Upon returning home I began working with my two German Shepherd's. Basic obedience was easy for my male. Shep was smart as a tack, caught on to everything. My female Daisy on the other hand, she was/is a little more stubborn. All in all, they learned sit, down, shake, and go to bed. Not to bad with my crude methods at the time. 
After moving to Kentucky, the opportunity to work at a commercial kennel presented itself. As the kennel master, I took care of all the day to day needs with the dogs there.  I also apprenticed to become a trainer. I moved up to become an Associate Trainer. While there I trained 6-7 week old puppies, Toy Poodles, Beagles, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Border Collies, etc. etc. If I had to guess, I have trained hundreds of different dogs, breeds.
In my spare time, I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on about dog training. I watched HOURS and HOURS of videos. I observed other trainers and the methods they used. I have devoted several years to the physcology of dogs. The different methods used. How one method will work with one dog, but yet will fail with a different dog. Then on the other hand, you might have a dog that four different methods will work with. Dogs are all different. There is NOT one set method in training a dog, no matter what you have been led to believe by others.