Why a trained protection dog over a gun or a security system?

The truth is the more comprehensive your security and defense system or program is the better. As far as a K-9, chances are that you have or will get a dog as a pet and almost certain is the fact that your dog WILL NOT protect you when the moment of truth comes. Unless you have a protection trained dog you are probably better off with a toy breed as an alarm because without the proper temperament and training your dog wont defend you, it wouldn't know how. Our dogs do the job of both gun and security system. The trained protection dog is an alarm, deterrent and weapon, all in one. The dog can also travel with you to the bank, shopping center and parking lot where most crimes are committed. Additionally, the well trained protection dog can be a great companion for you and your family so if you are going to own, care & love a dog it may as well protect you, your family and your property. A trained dog is not a vicious dog, on the contrary, is a dog of the right temperament and confidence that is taught to fight. Just as if you take a child to martial arts classes or teach your wife how to use a gun. The key is to start with a dog of the right temperament and balance drives. Would you suggest a crazy unbalance person gets trained in martial arts or be given a weapon? The same thing with a dog, you don't want to teach a crazy dog how to fight and you don't want to force a shy dog to fight out of fear. A properly trained dog customized to your lifestyle will be a confident dog that is easy to handle, obedient, loving but that it will simply defend every member of its family (of its pack) to death if necessary. Its a dog that will not act at random but only on your command. Trained Personal Protection Dogs are working animals not pets but they can be excellent family companions and protectors for your family, home & business after proper bonding. At EPIC K-9 we specialize at matching the right dog to your needs and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a demo or for more information on a quality trained protection dog.

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