We offer top of the line training for your pet. At Epic K-9 we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We aren't like our competitors. We haven't learned just a method or two, and try to make all dogs comply to our methods. Instead we have dedicated years to studying animal behavior. Every dog is trained based on the dog, not the method. We want to make your dog balanced in all aspects of life. Obedient yet confident not submissive. Eager but calm not nervous. 

For those who are looking to purchase a protection dog, Epic K-9 provides high quality, social dogs that are bred, raised and trained specifically to obey and protect their owners. Similar to a child enrolled in martial arts classes, our pups start training at a very young age. By the time they're adults, just like the child, our dogs will be confident, disciplined, obedient, respectful and very well capable of defending on command.

A professionally trained dog from Epic K-9 will be an alarm, deterrent, defender and companion all at once. It will be loving, obedient, well behaved, easy to handle and always ready to defend you and what's your's.  

Feel free to contact us today (859)-613-8006
Rick was a pleasure to work with. He was patient and calm, which is exactly the personality that my dog needed to work with for optimal results. He provided some great suggestions and listened to the my needs. I loved that he taylored training around my needs with Blitz, not simply providing the same training for everyone.  ”

— Katherine Flynn Wallender  Senior Account Executive





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